Network Publishing Partners opened its doors in 1996, and we’ve been building our list of happy clients ever since. Now merged with our sister company, Network Typesetting, we provide dependable, high-quality editorial support and graphics to major publishers, large corporations, and small organizations alike. Our clients have included:


AMIfs Production and proofreading of quarterly journals
Binks Sames Corporation Design, production, and proofreading of corporate identity package, annual reports, ads, brochures, and product sheets
Boston Chicken Design, production, and proofreading of menus and display pieces
Caribou Coffee Design, production, and proofreading of menus and display pieces
Chicago Architecture Foundation Proofreading of newsletters and annual reports
Color-Imetry Production, proofreading, and data conversion of annual reports, ads, catalogs, and product sheets
DMG-MAXIMUS Design and production of identity package, corporate brochures, and newsletters
Glenview Public Library Design and production of newsletters
Great Lakes Graphics Production and proofreading of catalogs and brochures
Just Fresh Restaurants Custom mural illustration and production of promotional materials
Klein Tools Production and proofreading of price schedules and catalogs
Morton Grove Public Library Design and production of newsletters


ETA hand2mind Editing and proofreading of educational and promotional materials
Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Editing, proofreading, and indexing of teacher editions
Human Capital Research Collaborative Writing, editing, design, project management, and website design and maintenance
Kaplan/SCORE! Educational Centers Editing, proofreading, and production of online lessons and tutor materials
Pearson Education Writing, editing, proofreading, indexing, correlations, customization, database management, fact-checking, project management, reprint management, and production of print and online textbooks and ancillary materials in both English and Spanish


Arjo, Inc. Editing, proofreading, and writing of promotional materials, blogs, and company communications
Association Management Center Editing and proofreading of professional journals and member materials
Family Health Network Design and production of brochures and member materials
Medical Marketing Service Data conversion and production of catalogs
Krames StayWell Proofreading, production, and data conversion of healthcare newsletters, patient information brochures, and digital content
United Healthcare Design, production, editing, and proofreading of billboards, brochures, ads, identity packages, and member materials