What’s New

It’s a Smart Promethean Planet

We are proud to announce that Network Publishing Partners is now on the official list of certified Promethean interactive whiteboard developers. We can create materials for SMART board use as well. We are expanding our ranks of programmers, whiteboard developers, and instructional designers to help our clients define their presence in this exciting new learning environment. Contact us for more information.

High Time for eBooks and Apps

Many of our clients are eager to offer current and pending print products in the digital marketplace. We can convert publications quickly and accurately to electronic media, and we work with existing marketing plans and budgets to build an effective strategy for the road ahead.

Keep Your Social Networks and Blogs Humming

Staying in control of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites can be a challenge, especially if you want to provide a fresh blog and your latest news on a regular basis to your followers. We can help in many ways, from writing and editing your blogs to monitoring responses and requests, to keep everything updated and accurate.

Soundtracks, Songs, and Voiceover

Need some custom music to go with that new project? Wish you had some catchy lyrics and a memorable melody to deliver your idea? Want some fun and interesting voiceover for your audio book? We'll surprise you with our creative talent and our competitive prices. Our team can provide just what you're looking for and respond quickly to your requests.